Recap: Week 24

One Million Words Challenge

Week 24

My new plan is working. No, my totals this week don’t seem to reflect that but what you can’t see just looking at the numbers is the dramatic productivity spike that occurred on the day I put my new plan into motion. A spike that has continued through today. It just wasn’t enough to cancel out the start of the week completely. So yes, further into the hole. However, it was the best week I’ve had in a long time.

Next week is already shaping up to be the best week I’ve had since I started the challenge. I’ve hit my goals every day so far. You might say, that’s only been two days. True. But with last week that’s five days in a row at 4,000 a day. And that is the best streak I’ve had since I started this project.

I knew this would be hard. I didn’t know how hard. And while the writing itself isn’t that difficult the motivation and the ability to follow-through has been. I’ve learned a lot about the way I work, and how I am or am not motivated to do things. If nothing else, if I never sell a thing that I write, at least by the end of this experiment I will have a much firmer grasp of my work style and habits.

Here are my totals for the week–

  • Journal 2,940
  • MPs 4,860
  • Blog 375
  • Letters 1,224
  • Black Dog 5,484
  • Story Notes 480
  • Total 15,363
  • YTD 334,584
  • Where I should be 460,320

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