Recap: Week 8

My little sister, Sara, was married this past Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding, and she was a gorgeous bride.

Also, I mailed out my first copies to readers. Later than planned due to printing issues and then a wedding, and then them getting into the wrong vehicle and leaving the state, but they finally made it out. My writing totals, however, were dismal. I got some done but most of my words were spread across only two days. I decided that I would focus on my sister and her wedding, not word totals. I think that was the right choice but now I am going to focus on getting caught up over the next few weeks.

Here are my totals this week–

  • Journal 856
  • Out Spaced 2,774
  • MPs 3,888
  • Blog 424
  • Letters 1,034
  • Raising Trouble 2,340
  • Total 11,316
  • q

  • YTD 114,739
  • Where I should be 151,640

Stellar Stella

My project this weekend is the Stella Hat. This is my 5th cast-on of the same hat, the first 4 were ripped out with extreme prejudice. But this time round is coming along nicely. Also, I switched yarns. My first attempts were with acrylic and I just didn’t like it. This is a bamboo/wool blend I’d been wanting to try and I LOVE it. Super soft and easy to work with, plus it shows the stitches clearly.

Below is a chair my sister Sara painted this week. Such a great idea! One I’m going to steal if I ever move somewhere large enough to have furniture.

Are you working any any crafty projects this weekend that you’d like to share?

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