What Do I Want?

Class homework

Part of my homework for my spec class is my general letter to an agent. Michael is a big believer in learning both the art side, how to write a spec, and the commerce side, how to get a job. I appreciate that.

This letter will be the framework I use when I start writing agents. It’s hard. Damn hard. Which is sort’a the point. If it were easy then a good one wouldn’t stand out. I’m to write three paragraphs, three sentences each. In the first I’m to state who I am, in the second what I want, and in the third I’m to tell the agent what I want from them. Each of these are difficult.

Who am I? How am i different from everyone else sending a letter> What sets me apart? What is my personal brand? When you hire/represent me, who do you get?

What do I want? What’s my end goal? If I could have a career handed to me tonight on a platter what would I ask for? What is my practical dream that I am working toward?

What do I want from the agent? What specific, concrete action am I asking them to do? What is it that I expect from them, or hope to achieve by writing? What do I want them to do for me?

These are not easy questions to answer. I am avoiding that homework as much as I am working on my other homework. Writing a spec is a lot of work but it’s easier than answering those questions.

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