Recap: Week 37

One Million Words Challenge

Week 37

Low week. Which is not great news on the challenge front.

However, I’m going to cut myself a little slack. I finally, finally, broke down and went to the clinic on Friday afternoon. That’s a big deal for me. Even when I had insurance I normally took the “tough it out and it’ll heal on it’s own” route. Without insurance I avoid doctors at all costs. That’s what Google and ingenuity are for. However, I finally gave in this time. I just couldn’t function any more, and nothing was helping.

It was just a sinus infection. However, she said it was a nasty one, in deep, and added, “You’re in a lot of pain, aren’t you?” To which I nodded and coughed everywhere.

Five days of antibiotics later and I feel like a human again. I mean, I’ve felt HORRIBLE for two weeks but I’ve been sick longer than that. I just didn’t realize it. Fifteen doses of antibiotics and I can breath easily again. Through my nose! I sleep, instead of waking up exhausted in the morning. My nose bleeds have stopped. My head doesn’t throb all afternoon and evening every day. Walking to work doesn’t leave me so tired that the idea of working is overwhelming.

Thing is, it kinda snuck up on me. I didn’t know I felt so bad. I mean, the past two weeks, sure. But looking back it’s been at least two before that, maybe longer, that I’ve been sick. And I didn’t notice. A little more every day until finally my body gave up and refused to pretend any more.

So, while I got further behind on my word counts, something I can ill afford at this point, I was also truly miserable. Today I mailed packages at the post office (then walked, rather than bus, the mile and a half home. For fun) and picked-up a table at the SA (drug it home on hand trucks) and I cleaned my room and I put up/decorated the Christmas tree and I wrote several thousand words on my novel (planning more later tonight), and I got a library card, and more besides that. Not exaggerating here- if you’d told me a week ago that I needed to do all that in one day I would have cried. And halfway through I would have slumped in a corner and berated myself for being so weak.

I am so thankful that I live in a time and a place where a $8 bottle of pills can make such a rapid and dramatic improvement.

Here are my totals for the week–

  • Journal 1,149
  • MPs 6,804
  • Letters 180
  • Avon 7,267
  • Total 15,400
  • YTD 567,549
  • Where I should be 709,660

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