Recap: Week 27

One Million Words Challenge

Week 27

I’m moving to Chicago!

I haven’t said anything because I wanted to wait until it was official. And it’s soon, next week. This time next week I’ll already be there, or at least in a car on the way up. Which is thrilling/amazing/terrifying/exciting/etc. Now the job hunt begins.

Having said that, I went further into the hole this week. Not good, but hard to avoid with everything else I’ve been doing. Not too bad, much less than last week. This coming week and the next my entire goal is just to not go any further into the hole, I’m going to not worry about getting my counts over until I’m moved in. It just seems unlikely that I’ll be able to get any extra writing done while packing and moving across the country.

Here are my totals for the week–

  • Journal 1,858
  • MPs 6,804
  • Blog 486
  • Letters 2,313
  • Black Dog 936
  • LFF 3,451
  • Story Ideas 314
  • Total 16,162
  • YTD 394,073
  • Where I should be 517,860

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