The End

iO Summer Intensive

Week 5

Instructor- Barry Hite


Last day of class. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by, feels like I just got here and now it’s over. Which I’d best not spend to much time thinking about or I’ll get choked-up.

Barry woke us up with a shake-out, butts added. My favorite. Then we jumped into a back line to do burners, but with a twist. Following up on the last thing we did yesterday we added scene painting. Two people would step out and paint three things, then two new people would step out and do a scene there. Then, after they got swept they’d stay, paint a new scene with three new things, then two more people would do a scene.

We then ran half class Harold’s where the first three beats were scene painted before they started. Barry told us to get our 3rd beats moving fast, runs are good. We can show anything/everything we want, don’t let these scenes drag or build, that time is over.

We’re not going to get to Close Quarters, just picking up a few skills that go toward it. Which is sad because I love the form but, on the other hand, I learned new forms instead so I suppose that’s better anyway.

We then ran Cat’s Cradle’s again. He really wanted to have one of the teams tonight do one but we just are not enjoying them. I like the form, as do a couple of other people, but it doesn’t play to the team’s strengths. And we were driving Barry half crazy because almost all our scenes were about people hiding…

Before lunch Barry sat us down and explained how tonight would go, and made teams. One half will do an ASSCAT, they will go first, and then the other team will do a Harold. The only rules he’s putting on us are that the ASSCAT can’t have any scene painting and the Harold can’t have people playing objects. That will make it pop more when the other half does those things. He also mentioned that we should feel free to do incantation edits, as we’ve been doing them a lot this week without being prompted.

To decide teams Barry drew names out of a bucket. I ended up on the ASSCAT team with Seth (who will host/do the first monologue), Chris, Rauno, Mihkel, Tormi, and Andres. We’ve had standing team names over the 5 weeks, each group taking whatever one they want as they got up. One has been “Team Girl”, which is what my half will be tonight because I’m going up with 6 guys. The other team will be “Team Shorts”, which will make no sense to the crowd sense they’ll all have pants on. Inside jokes abound in improv, I’ve noticed.

After lunch we ran our forms. And we got chewed-out. Barry got onto us because we were making a ton of newbie errors. He told us we have GOT to QUIT FIGHTING. Especially at the top of scenes. NO fighting at the beginning. It’s a rule for us, because we are out of hand. Also, we have to start our scenes in the middle. We are doing tons of introduction scenes and “Hi” scenes. That has to stop! He says it’s crap and that we are too good for it. We’ve all got a lot of improv under our belts and we have to stop sabotaging ourselves.

It was an uncomfortable few minutes but it was justified. I could tell he really wants us to succeed tonight, and to do that we have to quit this nervous ridiculousness.

Our motto for tonight is “Know Each Other. Love Each Other.”

Snatches from today-

  • Use Harold games to hit on the scene topics. Make tight patterns.

  • If you are scene painting, being thoughts, being an object, etc. don’t let that stop you from editing. You can always edit (unless, maybe, you are physically pinned or holding someone’s safety in your hands).

  • If someone puts something negative on me I should turn it into a positive. Avoids a fight and protecting myself- it’s more fun to be wrong/bad/etc.

  • Armando monologues should be reflective/emotional, not facts.

  • Keys to being a great show host

    • Confidence! Fake it if you have to, but no hesitation.

    • Speak loudly

    • Get room energy up

    • Greet/thank the crowd

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