Recap: Week 25

One Million Words Challenge

Week 25


I did it! I’m going to take a minute to be excited! I met my new and more intense word goal this week. To get out of my hole over the course of three and a half months I need to write 28,000 words a week. That’ll get me even by mid-Dec.

I’ve been averaging about 15,000 a week, which is why I’m in the hole to start with (need 19,180 just to stay even), so it’s a huge jump. This week’s numbers- 29,975. More than a 1,000 over my new goal!

I am still working on my novel, Black Dog, and it’s coming along. I’m at 72,043 words and am getting to the climax. Not sure how long it will be, I tend to overwrite and then edit it back out. Guessing about 100k? Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel and while I’m still not sure exactly how this section is going to end I do know how the books ends. So that’s lovely. I tend to muddle about in the dark on projects until something shows up on the page unexpectedly. Having an idea for the very end already show up is a wonderful surprise.

I’m started a couple of other projects as well (see below). I like having several things going at once so that I can switch between them. Which bugged me for a long time. I’d try to be super disciplined and only do one thing at a time, like so many authors recommended. And I was unhappy.

Then I realized- I don’t live that way. I read multiple books at a time. I work on multiple knitting projects at a time. I like jobs where I work in multiple departments. So why would my writing style not be the same way?

Now my super discipline is to finish things. Even if I decide a project isn’t going to work out I still finish it. Maybe the novel becomes a novella or short story, so I don’t spend a ton of time on it, but it gets an end. That’s hard but doable. And important. I tend to quit things that are 3/4s of the way complete because they get complex and I’m too bored with them to solve the puzzle. It’s a bad habit.

Here are my totals for the week–

  • Journal 1,058
  • MPs 6,804
  • Blog 623
  • Letters 1,665
  • Black Dog 15,603
  • IC* 2,442
  • LFF** 1,580
  • Total 29,775
  • YTD 364,359
  • Where I should be 479,500

*IC is a non-fiction book idea I’m playing around with/outlining. Don’t know if it’ll ever go anywhere but if it doesn’t I can pull parts out for blog posts.

**LFF is a fan fiction story I started this week to get my numbers up by doing some typing. I’m writing my novel by hand so it’s putting a lot of strain on my wrist and I need to work on some typing projects as well or I’m going to just have a claw on the end of my arm.

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