The adventure begins

I’m in Chicago!

I’m here taking the summer intensive at iO, one of the big improv theaters in Chicago, which is the improv capitol of the world. It’s a five week course, I’m thrilled to have the chance to do this. I almost didn’t come because the timing wasn’t great. Then my sister pointed out that there will never be a convenient time to spend five weeks studying improv. She had a point, and here I am.

Be forewarned- I’m going to be posting a LONG post for each day of class. You might want to avoid reading the posts if you aren’t a huge improv geek because they will bore you to tears. Really. They will. However, if you wish you were here, or are thinking of coming next year, they will (hopefully) give you a good overview of what we are doing and learning.

Recap: Week 16

One Million Words Challenge

Week 16

I thought when I got to Chicago I’d have more time to write. No job, class four days a week, why shouldn’t I knock out huge chunks of writing?

No. Hasn’t happened.

Issue one- Things have been busy. Very busy. Yeah, class is only six hours a day but I have my commute, which is only half useful for writing, and hanging out after class and going to shows. Days are actually really packed.

Issue two- When I do get time to write I end up journaling, but not the fast, productive sort. No, it’s the mulling over things and processing sort of writing, which leads to low word counts. I’m metabolizing what I’m learning, which is great, but it’s not helping me stay out of the hole.

Issue three- My brain hurts. For reals. Doing improv is tiring. Intense improv workshops are exhausting. Intense improv workshops five hours a day (after breaks) for four days straight leave me with hardly enough brain cells to remember to eat. Not joking. On Friday I slept and read and stared at the wall, didn’t even make any food until it got dark. Seemed like too much work. Now, I was probably still trying to catch-up from my bus ride but still, no spare brain cells. That makes it really hard to muster up the energy to open my laptop or pick up a pen. Especially to write fiction.

I plan to do better, though not “next week” since I’m writing this the day before the next week ends and I have not done better thus far. But the next one should show an improvement as I adapt to my current surroundings and schedule.

Here are my totals for the week–

  • Journal 1,431
  • Letters 254
  • MPs 5,832
  • Black Dog 5,736
  • Total 13,253
  • YTD 225,532
  • Where I should be 306,880

Recap: Week 15

One Million Words Challenge

Week 15

I have no excuse, I just forgot. Getting ready for Chicago and quitting work cut into my writing time, and I forgot to post.

Here are my totals for the week–

  • Journal 1,736
  • Letters 112
  • MPs 6,840
  • Black Dog 2,220
  • Total 11,068
  • YTD 212,279
  • Where I should be 287,700

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