Recap: Week 14

One Million Words Challenge

Week 14

This week was another positive gain. It was less than 1,000 words, but it was a gain and I’ll take it.

Writing by hand, as I’m doing with Black Dog, has proven to be slower than typing. Yet more productive. I get more words out, even if they take longer. It’s easier to think when I write by hand, and I don’t get stuck the way I do typing. Completely worth the extra effort and, in the long run, it’s faster. I just do not look forward to having to type that first draft into the computer for the editing stages. That will be a tedious job.

Here are my totals for the week–

  • Journal 220
  • Letters 929
  • MPs 6,804
  • Black Dog 11,884
  • Total 19,837
  • YTD 201,211
  • Where I should be 268,520


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tammy Helfrich (@tammyhelfrich)
    Jul 14, 2013 @ 08:19:42

    Wow! One million words. That’s awesome. I write a lot by hand too. I try to keep a notebook with me wherever I go to make it easy. Keep up the great work!


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