Recap: Week 11

One Million Words Challenge

Recap: Week 11

This has been a much better week. I don’t know if it was publicly admitting that I was failing, accepting that my writing was going to be bad and getting on it anyway, a natural end to a slump, or a combination of the three. Really, I don’t care.

I’ll take it.

Plus, first week yet where I have gone over my weekly word goal! A step out of the hole I dug myself.

Here are my totals this week–

  • Journal 4,092
  • Brazil 5,360
  • MPs 6,804
  • Letters 435
  • Blog 778
  • Black Dog* 8,580
  • Total 26,049
  • YTD 152,065
  • Where I should be 210,980

*Black Dog is a story I started by accident but I am enjoying it so much that I am going to keep writing it. I woke up with two paragraphs in my head, waiting to be written down. I made it twelve pages that day. I don’t have a plot or a genre, and no idea of where it is headed. My favorite type of writing.


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