Recap: Week 5

***Not posted last night due to a lack of internet.***

This was a week of both great and terrible days. I had two days where I wrote almost nothing. At all. I was visiting my sister and instead of writing after she went to bed I lay on the couch and watched TV. Great TV, saw the premier of Defiance. That’s a show I’d like to see more of in the future. Terrible for my writing.

On the other hand, I had several days where I cross 4,000 in a day with seemingly little effort. Interestingly enough, it was after not writing for a few days. Maybe there is a key in that that will help me figure out my own pattern? Maybe instead of trying to write 2,800 words every day I would do better to write 3,800 five days a week and take a couple of days off? Something to experiment with as the year progresses.

Here are my totals this week–


  • Journal 2,260
  • Fae 8,287
  • MPs 4,860
  • Total 15,407
  • YTD 76,109
  • Where I should be 95,900*

*Last week’s “where I should be” had a math error in it, and I was actually much further behind than I thought. Encouraging news, that was.


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