Recap: Week 4

This week is more of the same. “I’m behind, I’ll catch up, blahblahblah…”. Still true. And I made some progress this week so it’s looking better.

Four weeks. That’s a lot of typing. I mean, not in comparison to how long I have left, but a month is nothing to sneeze at either. Not at this pace. I’m turning out short stories and blog posts like never before. Didn’t post here this week because I forgot, but I have posts waiting.

Started doing Morning Pages again this week. It’s an easy way to add words, almost 1,000 a day, and I have found them to be immensely helpful in the past. Something about dumping words out first thing, no matter what they are, gets them flowing for the rest of the day.

If you aren’t familiar with the idea of Morning Pages you can read almost any of Julia Cameron’s books and get the full scoop, the most thorough being in “The Artist’s Way”. Basically, you sit down every morning, first thing, and write three legal pad pages of words as fast as you can. Don’t think, don’t edit, don’t try to make sense. If it’s something like, “I need to buy eggs. Call Amber. Oh, the new manager at work is a jerk, and I’ve got to buy that shirt before we run out. I could write about improv next week.” then you’re doing it right. Or it can be connected. Or fiction. It doesn’t matter. Just do it fast and don’t think about it. I get a lot of blog posts around the end of page two, as things I’m thinking about finally make it onto the page.


Here are my totals this week–


  • Journal 1,988
  • Blog 313
  • Letters 675
  • Fae 7,144
  • MPs 6,804
  • Total 16,924


  • YTD 60,702
  • Where I should be 69,160

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