Recap: Week One

I’m going to write a blog post every Tuesday night with a recap of my writing totals for the past week, as a way of keeping myself accountable. I’m also going to keep a running total on my “1,000,000” page at the top, which is not yet operational. Soon, my sweets.

This week was a rough start to the year. Getting back into the groove of writing again was harder than I had anticipated, and I fell behind. Not where I wanted to be 1 week into 52. However, I’m certain I’ll get caught back up this week.


Here’s what I did this week, across 4 categories–

Blog 254

Journal 1,860

Midterms* 11,696

Raising Trouble** 248

Total 14,058

YTD 14,058

Where I should be 17,290


*Midterms is a short story that I am turning into a novella. My goal is to have it ready to go on Amazon by June. It’s a test project, the short story got some great feedback but lengthening it has been tougher than I’d thought it would be.

**Raising Trouble is my novel I wrote this past Nov-Jan. It’s in it’s 3rd round of editing so the word totals are not going to be very high. Time-consuming, but not really helping me on my quest. It’s the 2nd novel I’ve written, but the first I’ve tried to publish. My goal is to self-publish it late summer/fall of this year. Depends on how the editing process goes, I’m learning along the way on this one.


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