That’s the new count on my 30×30 list. As of 6/25/11 I have “Tried Acting”.


It wasn’t what I expected when I wrote the list, I had visions of traditional theater in my mind- the lights, the props, the script. Well, I had the lights. The rest? Not so much.


I was part of a student show at the end of my improv class over at ComedySportz. There was a decent crowd, maybe 50 people? And I made a blooming idiot of myself in front of them. The best being the time I completely forgot what game I was playing and started playing a different one instead. My instructor just shook his head at me and called a time-out.


My other highly embarrassing moment was when I was supposed to be yelling out actions that started with the letter’s J & H- things like jogging heavily, jumping high, juggling hamsters, etc. I meant to yell “Jackalope Hunting” but instead jumped to center stage, put my hands on my hips, and confidently yelled “Jackalap!”. Well, it received a roar of laughter from the crowd but it also earned me a whistle from the referee and a boot off the stage.


Through this 10 week experience I did discover one unexpected thing-


I have an addiction to improv.


It was fast and hard. I LOVE improv. I love watching it and I love doing it. So, if all goes well, I’m taking level 2 this fall from the same place AND level 1 at a different theater. And yes, the classes do overlap a bit so for a month or so I’ll be doing improv twice a week. I’m rather psyched about that. I’m looking forward to the chance to improve and grow my skills, and to meet folks with similar interests.


So, back to the point of this post- 3 down, 27 to go. It’s a long list and I’ve got to pick up the pace considerably if I’m going to make it. Several of the goals are in progress right now, I’ll do a post soon with updates on those. Others are in the far future and are not even being considered at this point. And, of course, I also have my 6 month goals I recently updated for the 2nd half of 2011. 12 of those, 2 in each of 6 categories. I also work full time. And I’m joining the church I’ve been attending so I’m going to have small group two nights a month starting around Sept. And I’m looking for at least 1 more writing critique group to join.


I am going to be a busy little bee this fall.

I’m still alive

Despite evidence to the contrary I am alive and this blog has not been abandoned.

I could offer you all sorts of reasons why I haven’t updated, some actually valid.

I’m not going to do so. This blog, if nothing else, is biting hunks out of my pride. I know, normally blogs build pride issues. And I’m certain that if I posted regularly and had tons of comments I would feel proud of myself and my skills. But since I cannot manage to post when I say I will, struggle to find anything to say, and get little to no feedback it becomes something more of a pride crusher.

I am, however, stubborn as a mule. Or so I’ve been told by most everyone who has been an authority in my life. So I am digging in. This blog will not beat me. If it dies it will be because I decide to let it go, not because I just drift away or give up.

All that to say- I am beginning again. Again.

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