Goals are important to me. I set goals every 6 months and I’ve been doing this since I was about 16. The number varies, it’s been as low as 6 or as high as 25. I never make them all. In fact, there have been times I’ve made none. Fail.


However, even those times where I gave up or didn’t care or whatever happened I still had something to measure myself by, a list to show my laziness or lack of effort. Or, other times to show me how much I did succeed, even if it didn’t feel that way. I’ve made long-term goals a few times but I have found them less useful. Trying to pin down what I want to have happen in 10 years is difficult when I don’t even know what I want for supper. 


Jon Acuff, over at Stuff Christian’s Like, did a post last Dec about his 40 by 40 list, 40 things he wants to do before he turns 40 (this was inspired by his turning 35). That was only a few weeks before my 27th birthday and it inspired me to make a similar list- 30×30.

  1. Visit all 50 states (remaining- CA, OR, NV, ND, MT, AR, DE, RI)
  2. Be married
  3. Write 3 more novels
  4. Publish a book, sell 500+ copies
  5. Write 3 movie scripts
  6. Take belly-dance or strip class
  7. Take ballroom or Latin dance class
  8. Take martial arts or fencing class
  9. Buy a handgun, learn to shoot
  10. Spend a week in D.C.
  11. Do 100 push-ups, 200 crunches, 5 pull-ups 
  12. Run a 7 minute mile
  13. Spend 2 weeks in Europe
  14. Be out of debt, have investments started
  15. Start a blog   04/16/11
  16. Take/audit a class on a new topic
  17. Join Toastmasters
  18. Try acting
  19. Sew a jean skirt by myself
  20. Take a cooking class
  21. Read my Bible in a month
  22. Memorize a chunk of Scripture
  23. Have and be a mentor
  24. Quilt a full-size quilt by hand
  25. Learn another language conversationally
  26. Have my teeth fixed
  27. Get a massage
  28. Get a tattoo
  29. Be a regular, sizable supporter for a missionary
  30. Be self/alternatively employed

A month later I was packing to move to MN and found a “dreams list” of 100 things I wanted to do during my life that I had written for a class assignment at BCOM and then promptly forgotten existed. The items above that are in bold are things that were on that list. I think that if they stuck with me for 3 years without me realizing it then they are the ones I should really focus my efforts toward. I’m going to make a new page on here to keep a running tally and update this list as I accomplish my goals, and now y’all will know if I make it or not. Let’s use this peer-pressure for good!

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  1. Shalena
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 21:06:45

    Love it Ana! You never cease to inspire me! Love ya!


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